“Every day parents who would not dream of starting their car without buckling their baby into an infant seat are perfectly willing to climb on a boat, turn on the engine and head out to sea or the beach without knowing the condition of the vessel.”

Larry Phillips, ABYC


A marine survey takes little time and can save a life.

If you treasure your life and the lives of those who share your enjoyment of the sea, please…have your boat surveyed by a properly qualified marine surveyor.

Boat US®
Larry Phillips, ABYC

  • Pleasure craft, sail and power
  • Mega-yachts
  • Commercial fishing vessels
  • Commercial charter vessels, including diving, fishing and harbour cruise
  • Cargo ships up to 200 tons
  • Ferry boats
  • Insurance underwriters, agents and claims adjustor workshops

More than 30 years’ experience as a marine surveyor

The first certified ABYC surveyor in The Bahamas


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Theft-related survey requests are often two-tiered, locating vessel when possible, assessing damage/estimating repair costs when applicable.

To locate a stolen vessel, Larry Phillips often works in conjunction with official investigators and will use best means regarding identification by air, seaplane or his own private boat.

In addition to reporting damage to hull, fittings, electronics, upholstery, interior or exterior changes, engines, accompanying tender or other related investment, Phillips compiles full repair quotes from mechanics and repair shops whose work is known to be reliable, often offering more than one option.

In the rarer case of a boat that is a write-off, Phillips documents recovery vs. replacement costs.

If the write-off must be ditched in The Bahamas, Phillips ensures that it is done with minimal environmental impact and with respect for Bahamian waters with removals of all batteries or other equipment that could pose a threat to marine life.


Commercial vessels
Phillips is fully-certified and recognized by Lloyds of London, Boat US, Bahamian insurers and the Government of The Bahamas. He has performed numerous surveys for the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and his expertise relied upon in the decision to retire a vessel from active operation.

Phillips has also performed loading analysis and bulk storage assessments on international cargo carriers in Nassau and at the Freeport Container Port, Grand Bahama.

Salvage & Recovery Appraisals


Other services
Phillips is available for surveys requested by owners who are interested in learning techniques and preventative measures to keep maintenance costs at a minimum and their personal pleasure craft in maximum seaworthy condition.

Measured With Care. Built With Precision. Designed To Last.

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