When is 100% pure and natural not best?

Everyone loves the look of wicker but when it is exposed to the elements of the ultraviolet rays of the sun, heat, wind and rain, a love affair with wicker can soon turn sour.

But not anymore.

Thanks to technology that imbues wicker with polyethylene resin fibers, the chic look of Oasis furniture resists the harshest elements, even in the tropical climate of The Bahamas.

Unlike furniture that is painted after it is built or can rust or deteriorate, Oasis is tough, yet beautiful, built to withstand whatever Nature deals because colouring and long life are built in, not applied over.

Think outside the living room.

Dozens of fabric styles, colours & patterns to choose from — solids, stripes, florals & more.

Oasis, a subsidiary of Phillips Sailmakers & Awning Manufacturers, providing the highest quality outdoor products to The Bahamas for more than 20 years. Now, bringing you the world’s finest casual furniture, custom–covered with Sunbrella®.

Measured With Care. Built With Precision. Designed To Last.

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